HewToons: Editorial Comments 2

Continuing the previous thought: wrapping up HewToons.  I moved the date for the final comic.  It should be January 9, 2014.  I’ve drafted most of the scripts, with a few days still to be determined.

Again, thanks to everyone who’s been reading, liking and commenting!

The concept of HewToons, for me, is filled with all kinds of story possibilities.  The Magnificents TV series itself, the on-set antics and behind-the-scenes machinations all have a lot of comedy to explore.  I didn’t have time this year to develop many more concepts that are lurking in the back of my mind.

So why stop?  It’s all a matter of drive.  Not that I have too little, actually.  It’s that I have too much.  I don’t dabble well.  I’m not good at having hobbies.  Either I pour myself into an activity entirely, or I don’t do it at all.  I’m not able to draw a few comics here and there and post them whenever.  I insisted on creating a sustained body of work.  Something I could point to and say “I accomplished that.”  As simple-minded and amateurish as Hewtoons is, it is the best comic strip I’m able to produce.

Long story short, I overdid it.  I knew I would.  Writing four comics a week takes pretty much all of my free time.  At the beginning of the year I was drawing ahead a few weeks, but my backlog was quickly eaten up.  These days, I barely get a comic completed in time to post it.  (And a week or two ago, not in time to post it.)

Knowing this kind of time crunch would happen, I set one year as my deadline.  I could let myself be crazy with HewToons for a year.  Part of this wild abandon was knowing that it had a time limit.  I could excuse myself for completely neglecting my yard and house knowing that I will be able to put things back in order next year.

Some people have encouraged me to keep writing because it takes time to build up an audience and get noticed.  I agree.  Please understand I do appreciate everyone who is reading.  However, there are simply not enough of you to merit allowing my house to collapse and my yard to become a jungle.  But that’s another post.

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