HewToons: Editorial Comments 1

The cartoon versions of Keith and Doug informed you last week that HewToons will be ending on 12/31/13.  Give or take a little on that timing.  I haven’t quite worked out the season finale.

I’ve talked to a few people about why the strip is ending.  I thought I’d share some of that over the next few weeks.

First of all: Thank you for reading!  I’m glad that you have been entertained by my efforts.  I appreciate all your “likes” and your “follows” on the strip.  I apologize that I didn’t respond very well to comments.

HewToons was a birthday present for Keith.  Keith said to me, sometime in the last couple of years, that he really did think I could write a comic strip.  He had always wanted to see me try it.  I let the idea percolate for a while and HewToons is what popped out.

Keith, Matt and I did not collaborate on the strip in the strictest sense of the word.   Their  names aren’t on the strip and I’m the one doing all the writing and drawing.  But rest assured that Keith and Matt were most definitely collaborators.  When I’m writing, I think of a situation and then imagine how they would handle that situation.  That’s when comedy, if any there be, comes to life.

So HewToons was a birthday present and a challenge to myself to see if I could do it.  It fulfilled its purpose.  Are there more episodes in my noggin?  Sure, but that’s another post.

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