Printable HewToons

For anyone who would like to print out HewToons, but doesn’t want to print a page per Toon, here’s a solution!  Each PDF file below contains four HewToons.  Feel free to download, print and display your favorite episodes.  Put them on your refrigerator, on your bulletin board, your cubicle wall, your local Starbucks—anywhere that will make us famous make you happy.


2013.04.15 Internet Shutdown

2013.04.22 Preview

2013.04.22 Tickets to Iron Man III

2013.05.13 Preview

2013.05.13 Animal Army

2013.05.20 Preview

2013.05.20 Mobility Issues

2013.05.27 Preview

2013.05.27 Captured by the Tree Sloths

2013.06.03 Preview

2013.06.03 Climactic Battle

2013.06.10 Preview

2013.06.10 Ice Road Yeti Hunters


2013.06.17 Giant Space Laser

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