About-Doug1Hi, I’m Doug.

I’m the writer and artist for HewToons. I’ll probably be institutionalized soon for exhaustion if not loopiness. Other than that, there’s not much to talk about.

About-Keith1Hi, I’m Keith.

Don’t pay any attention to Doug. He’s not a people person. I’m a people person, and I say welcome one and all!

Here’s the short story of HewToons: Doug and Matt and I have been friends since high school. Doug used to draw cartoons in our letters during college. I finally talked him into drawing more cartoons this year.

Doug is taking the Julie Powell approach to fame and fortune. He started posting HewToons on 12/31/12. They’ll run online Monday through Thursday during 2013. (We’re not in any newspapers … yet.)

If enough people follow along, then Doug might get to be famous and I can sue him for defamation of character!

Join our pyramid scheme!

They say that one in six of you knows someone in the cartoon publishing industry. (Quiet Doug, it’s something like that.)

So if you tell everyone you know to come visit HewToons, and THEY tell everyone THEY know to come visit HewToons, then I could have my lifelong dream of being a famous cartoon character.

If you happen to not like HewToons, you might want to tell everyone you know to come see this animated train wreck. Go ahead, do it now! We’ll wait.

Contact us

Oh, if you want to send emails to Doug, send them to dlwalker91.dw@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy your daily dose of HewToons. Come visit us again soon!

4 thoughts on “About

    • The HewToons Editorial Board thanks you for your nomination of Keith Hodgesons for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

      Mr. Walker is currently soaking his head because Mr. Hodgesons was nominated for an award even though, according to him, Mr. Walker “does all the &*^!@)% work.”

      The Board is debating their response to this award and whether to send someone to the awards ceremony. We will contact you with further information.

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