I Hardly Think


The HewToons Editorial Board is proud to announce the return of HewToons daily* comics now until October 20, 2016.

Please note: the current storyline of The Magnificents is set in 2013, when Prince George of England was, in fact, an infant. Readers are politely requested not to inform the Board that Prince George is currently a toddler. Any and all temporal complaints should be directed to Mr. Walker.

We were saddened and dismayed by Mr. Walker’s conviction and incarceration for copyright infringement. (As noted in official court statements by the Board in 2013, these actions were entirely perpetrated by Mr. Walker and the HewToons Editorial Board had no knowledge of any unlawful material distributed under the HewToons.com domain.) We are confident that Mr. Walker has been completely rehabilitated and is able to rejoin polite society. If you see him, do not be alarmed by his ankle bracelet. If he begins to show signs of violence and is not automatically sedated within five minutes, please contact the local authorities.

*”Daily comics” refers to comics published Monday through Thursday. This is the maximum number of comics the Board can ask Mr. Walker to produce per week without granting him full-time working status and its associated benefits.