HewToons.com Site Update

Gentle Readers,

HewToons.com updated our web site layout on 7/27/13.  The new theme (Panel from WordPress) is intended to allow easier navigation of the comic strips.  We are working on a few technical glitches:

  • All of our readers’ previous “likes” have apparently disappeared.
  • The archive calendar is not currently available for comics, only posts like this one.
  • A software glitch has created a singularity that threatens to suck the universe through a wormhole.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thanks for your patience as we work through these issues.

Please contact us on the “About” page if you have any problems receiving your daily HewToons by email or through the WordPress reader.

HewToons Editorial Board

HewToons Editorial Board Supplement No. 1

Since Mr. Walker still undergoing “supervised rest” over the next week at the Betty Ford clinic, the HewToons editorial board has decided that the least disastrous – er – best option was to ask Brittany, our Intern Internet Reader, sift through Mr. Walker’s web history and find interesting sites that he likes.  We hope that these posts will provide some enjoyment to our audience, unlike the regular HewToons fair.

Mr. Walker is contractually obligated to return to work on May 13, 2013.

Take it away, Brittany.

Hi everybody!  I’m Brittany and I’ll be, like, taking a look at Mr. Walker’s web browser history to link you to some of the sites he’s liked in the past.  (He reads, like, a lot of, um, boring articles.  I had to work really hard to find the good ones!)

Mr. Walker said he likes Joe Jennings’ drawings.  I like Beagles!

The Typical Beagle Owner